Does property double every 7-10 years?

“Sydney property, on average, doubles in value every 7-10 years.” That’s the cry of every property spruiker nationwide. And inevitably the response - “how can that be with the average price in Sydney where it is today, how can the average house be worth a million dollars?”, or more perhaps after the last bump. Before I answer that I want to ask you to think about your grand parents, what they paid for their home & when. Do you think they ever imagined house prices could be what they are today? My Nanna had the most amazing Californian Bungalow in Wahroonga, old blue stone and sandstone and grounds full of camellias and agapanthus, an old fashioned washing line with a timber frame and a chain

Have you ever wondered how valuations work?

What’s your property really worth? If you’re in the market to sell or you want to refinance you will want to know what your home is worth. But it’s an inexact science, basically the real valuation is the price someone is willing to pay and you’re willing to accept. A valuation is derived by comparing other properties, that have similar attributes to yours that have recently sold, and add or subtract to come up with a fair comparison. It’s handy to keep in mind that the data the valuer is using is at least 12 weeks old – from the time someone agrees to buy a home until the home is settled is 6 weeks and the data isn’t forwarded for up to 6 weeks thereafter. This is a huge issue in a rising ma

What kids know about money

Last week I participated in a series of presentations to kids in our region for Global Money Week – an initiative to foster financial education in our children to better their futures & break the taboo around talking about money. While the actual presentation was less than a stellar success (please don’t remind me!) the outcome I was actually really pleased with. From a group of 9-12 year old children most of them understood saving, most of them understood the need for saving and most of them had at least one saving goal. Many of the kids planned to save everything they earn – which is admirable innocence and I love it, but equally many of them had thought about saving 1/3rd to half of the

Are you ready to buy your first home?

My article for the Western Weekender Getting a deposit together & buying your first home. Gone are the days when we didn’t need any deposit at all to buy our first home, and with rents rising it’s a tough game to get this together. On top of the deposit you also need to allow for stamp duty and legal fees, together they come to nearly 10% of the property value as a minimum. What are some of the other options we might not have considered? Genuine savings are best Ideally all lenders are looking at a regular savings history - this shows both your ability to meet a commitment and a good attitude towards money. A savings history needs to

Two Red Shoes on the radio!

I loved the opportunity to talk all things property and finance on Radio Blue Mountains recently with the very gorgeous Andrea from Women with Altitude and Amanda of Creative Queen Bees - the very talented designer who created my new brand. We looked at topics like the housing bubble - what bubble! And top tips for home purchasors like doing research with a property guide (that we can give you free of charge) or offering a crazy number. Take a listen

You're moving on, but should you sell or keep your old home?

Keep or sell? So, you have outgrown your lovely home & you’re ready to upgrade to the new mansion. There is an overriding rule in property “never, never sell”, and if you look back on any property you’ve owned you’ll see why, but does it make sense in your current circumstances? What should you do – sell or keep your first home? The answer lies in a number of factors & carefully talking through your options with your advisers, as the answer is different for each person. If you have worked hard to pay off the loan on your old home – and you need to borrow to buy your new home – your new home loan will obviously be larger, as will your new repayments. Of course, you’ll also have a rental incom

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