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Two Red Shoes - It's about freedom from paying too much, from the stress of the process. It's about life.

About Two Red Shoes


Hello, welcome, may I introduce myself?


My name is Rebecca Jarrett-Dalton. I have been in finance looking after people, just like you, for nearly two decades. I have a team of professionals who work with me to save you time, stress and, above all, money


I've been described as wearing ridiculous shoes but rarely a suit. A self confessed maths nerd, property and finance is my passion but I'm no typical mortgage broker.


At Two Red Shoes, we understand things differently, so we take a different approach. We ask more questions to form a better understanding of who you are.


It's important that you understand why we make certain suggestions. We also answer ALL of your questions.


A win for you is a win for us.


We're a little different right from the start and I invite you to test our service.

(If you're interested in a little more of the history of Two Red Shoes have a look here.)

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