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Two Red Shoes - a little bit different in the way we approach things:

compassion, understanding, service.

How it all began


In school I had no real idea of what I wanted to ultimately do. I took advanced classes in history, English, physics, chemistry, art and Italian - not exactly a harmonious mix. Over all I loved to write and I figured a career in journalism could probably utilise that background well. 


So off to Uni for a BA in communications - journalism - I went. I very quickly learnt that I didn't at that time have the maturity for university. But oh the fun we had in first year Uni...


From there I took a job in the field of art, working in a printing factory where I was given a brilliant opportunity to learn prepress (which is like graphic design without all of the talent) as well as almost every other aspect of running a small business. I am forever indebted to these brilliant bosses, not only for this grounding but for almost manhandling me into buying my first investment property, which is what lead me to this career I so passionately love.


But before this, I bought (in fact built) my first home. It was a baptism of fire as I had no knowledge of finance whatsoever. Most fortunately, I stumbled across a brilliant broker who pulled it all together. It was my first interaction with this industry.


What lead me to my start finance was the purchase of my first investment property. We had an excellent broker who showed us through all of the options, but there was something missing; a service, communication. At the same time we worked with a less than impressive solicitor, so I know exactly what it is you need in both professionals.


Regardless, my interest was piqued and I knew this was something I wanted to learn so I responded to an ad in the paper which offered training in this excellent new career. These guys were great in that they gave us trainees an in-depth look at both mortgage broking and behind the scenes - for whatever reason they saw to include tiny elements of property law and accounting. This additional knowledge makes a huge difference in my service today.


From here I ventured out with a colleague to run a licenced office for Homeloans LTD (a major, listed mortgage manager) and learnt more about vehicle finance in the process. When the contract completed that colleague and I formed a new brokerage where we crafted our skills in multi lender mortgage broking and successfully ran this business for 9 years. 


In August 2012 after recognising that I wanted to take my unique, personalised style further I decided to create Two Red Shoes, immediately setting myself apart with a distinct attitude and approach that hasn't failed me.


I knew, for instance, that it's the wives and mothers who are balancing the budget and making the financial decisions in most homes, and I knew that I was just like them and could better understand what our concerns were, what we needed to look after and how we want to be looked after. I knew also how to combine the little elements from other disciplines that make huge differences in affordability or structure.


Three years down the track my team has grown, my approach has been refined and a new brand is launched, and I couldn't be happier with the wonderful people I work with, my team - and you, our gorgeous clients. 


I often say if I had to pick a hobby I would probably choose to do exactly the same thing - I love the complex maths challenges, the putting together of a puzzle and making peoples dreams come true. 

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