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Professionals; doctors, accountants, solicitors teachers: your high income brings you opportunities and lenders recognise this. Ask how we can help you 0404 494 929

As busy successful professionals you have a brilliant opportunity to use your skills, talents and hard work to create an incredible future for yourself and your family & certain lenders are happy to help you do so - offering benefits over and above those of regular borrowers including negotiated interest rates and some different facilities without mortgage insurance.

Specific professions can access offers without lenders mortgage insurance - and even with outstanding lending ratios, subject to terms, conditions and lender criteria obviously - but the opportunity needs to be considered.


Knowing this the goal is to maximize the opportunity you have in property & we have successfully worked with other professionals to do just this, simply and effectively.


We can help you buy the  best house you can afford, and, the house you buy now may have a number of uses to you over time, starting out often as your home and becoming an investment as you move on; a simple tweak to the way your finances are setup from the outset helps you get into property number 2, and 3 and wherever you set the limit. Building your portfolio so that the hard work you put in now pays rewards you in retirement. Additionally we work with lenders who have dedicated teams and offers for specific professionals.

What we understand is that you are time poor, so you will appreciate that we can work around your hours and with your authorized representatives (accountant and family).


We will simplify the process for you and aim for your maximum gain, lets get started now.

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We compare loans from our panel of over 30 lenders to find the one with the right fit just for you. Contact us now for a pre-appproval >> 
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