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Your gorgeous new home starts with our team

Two Red Shoes - a little bit different in the way we approach things:

compassion, understanding, service.

Meet the team


Rebecca Jarrett-Dalton

Founder, Broker,

Role: Strategy specialist

I think you've heard enough about me - know that I am passionate about property and get way too excited about your numbers.


Brett Sutton

Broker, JP 0402 365 652

Role: Strategy specialist

There are some new boots in town... Joining the team in 2021 Brett is a (reformed?) former a real estate agent with more than 10 years experience, having stewarded countless property transactions – and having started his career with one of the big banks; he’s bringing his unique blend of training, skills & knowledge to the finance industry.

Brett is keen on his fitness, mountain biking through the Blue Mountains, playing indoor cricket & reading widely. He has young kids, is a property owner and investor & dabbles in shares.

Two Red Shoes has always had the reputation of being innovative, empathetic and caring with what was assumed a focus on helping women enter the property market – and believe me we are all about that. But we have always welcomed all borrowers & now we can make that statement stronger with our first male broker joining the team.

Now, do we make him wear red shoes? He prefers his Blundstones…. it was never about the shoes anyway, it was always about being that little bit distinctive and doing that bit more to help and that is something he believes in very strongly. Follow Brett's Blog posts with the hashtag #askbrett


Role: Customer care excellence

The lovely Mel is responsible for sending out little surprises from time to time, and making sure you're all looked after. Her history has always been in customer service and particularly retail (with a stint in beauty). Mother of two (congratulations in order!).

Annaleise, Kerrie

Role: Credit Guru's with a penchant for tackling lender issues

Increases, loan changes, switching to fixed rates, ongoing loan service, chasing approvals

Like Charlie's Angels, this duo are guns at chasing the lenders. Between them there's an embarrassing number of years experience in credit & life and understand the intricacies of life & budgets.

Honestly, you couldn't ask for a better team to look after you.


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