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Before you move in, let's get your insurances and connections set up.
Easy, free services for you - and save you money too!
Before you settle on your new home, it's practically essential to get your home insurance in place.

Your building, it's contents - and this includes blinds and other items that are essentially part of the home, but, can be removed as well as your personal appliances and belongings - are valuable and you have worked hard to achieve what you have. It is relatively inexpensive to protect them.

When considering insurance, you'll want to consider their replacement value - what it will cost you to rebuild, or buy new fridges and freezers - and also consider the costs of demolishing any remains & removing the debris.


In Australia, the issue of 'underinsurance' has a sinister side effect where insurance companies can reduce your claim in line with the percentage discount they feel you took on your policy up front - effectively they say you "self insured" the first portion of your claim - something most of us don't realise.


Instead of cutting the insured value, consider shopping around or changing the excess on your policy - with advice - to save money. 

We use and recommend 1st Choice Insurance Services and welcome you to contact them for your insurance needs.

And when you're ready to move, you're also going to have the pesky job of ringing all those companies to move your power, gas, phone  etc. Well no more - we have a free service to assist you with this - and compare offers at the same time, what a win!
Not moving, but you'd still like to save on your bills? There's a service for that too.
We compare loans from our panel of over 30 lenders to find the one with the right fit just for you. Contact us now for a pre-appproval >> 
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