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a mortgage broker like no other
Two Red Shoes will find you a loan that suits you now and into the future, contact the lenders for you & manage the loan approval process right through to settlement and beyond.

Not all home loans are the same


We listen to your needs

A friendly professional broker (not a stiff necked finance type) will have a casual conversation with you. Sure we ask a lot of questions but this is so we can really narrow down the best choices for you. In our experience everyone is different and that's why it helps to really listen to what you want to do.


Offer a selection of loans

Once we have worked out how much you need to borrow and what type of loan you'd like, we look at which lenders will suit you best and offer you a selection of loans from over 30 lenders on our panel. Because we do this everyday we know the little quirks that make each lender special, and will match your little quirks too. It's not just interest rates - although this is important. It's about who will approve you and look after you ongoing.


Take your application and deal with the lenders

We then collect your information and prepare and submit your application to the chosen lenders. It is here that your support team take over from chasing the lender, answering any questions they may have and generally managing your application for a speedy, stress free approval.


Help you sign your loan documents & arrange settlement

Don't panic when you receive your loan offer documents, we're on our way to help! We separate the copies for you to keep and help you complete and sign the copies to return. Simple.


Stay with you even after the loan has settled

Before you make any financial decisions it pays to ring us and find out the best way to make any changes. This could be anything from increasing your loan, thinking of fixing your interest rate, renovating, investing, buying or selling, even buying a new car.  So, before you do anything, give us a quick call. We can help take the stress from most of the processes.




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