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So your loan has been submitted - what happens next?
Its our aim that you'll never need to contact us before we contact you, but in case you want to check in here's how

So your loan has been submitted - what happens next?

We have a specialised team who step up and take care of the process from here.

While you're always welcome to contact the broker - and they're always in the loop, but sometimes in meetings and hard to catch - we're right on top of this and always available.

For updates - contact us:


  • by email

  • phone (02) 9002 0380

  • or on the mobile number provided on your first email from us.

Basically, all of the documents are sent to the lender and we join a queue to be assessed. We are given estimates of the length of time that we will share with you - but keep in mind this can change based on the complexity of the files that are in the queue before us; if they take longer than expected to get through then unfortunately this pushes us out a little. And when we quote "days" we are always talking business days.

Most lenders work on the following basic formula:

  • Preliminary check - are all the documents there? Around 24 hours - 1 business day

  • Preapproval or conditional approval - around 3 days

  • Valuation ordered - valuations usually take around 3 days depending on when the valuer can get access

  • Full approval - around another 2 days after the valuation is returned

Remember these are very rough, we have some lenders who order valuations on the first day and some who are taking 13 days to assessment - this is all part of the decision process of choosing the lender, and we are always working towards your important deadlines.

Here are a couple of handy diagrams that give you a little more about the process and each of the steps - including what you need to do, and a few additional handy tips:

And you're always welcome to check in with us at any time

Bec, Kylie, Francis, Tennille, Annaleise

We compare loans from our panel of over 30 lenders to find the one with the right fit just for you. Contact us now for a pre-appproval >> 
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