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Some People We Have Helped

Our favourite question is "can I do anything at all"? It also comes as "are we close to being able to do something", and "is there any chance for me?" There's nothing like making peoples dreams come true.


In just under 2 decades we have helped thousands of people from all sorts of circumstances with all manner of goals & there's a good chance we can help you too - at the very least we hope to come up with a plan for you to get where you need to be for approval.


These are just a few of those stories. Some of these may inspire you to give your dream a try, obviously the names have been changed - but you get the picture.


Getting Back Into The Property Market

A plan can change

Getting back into the property market!

As a single mum, raising her son in the Sydney suburbs, Kara was facing some challenges getting back into the property market following her divorce. She didn’t have a large deposit, there weren’t many affordable property options in her area and her loan term would take her into retirement. After sharing her circumstances and aspirations with us, Kara was surprised when she wasn’t immediately met with resistance but with ‘Yes! This is possible.’ That positive response not only gave her encouragement, but she felt confident and empowered that she would be able to purchase a house on her own.​


Quick settlement required

Saving a womans home

Unfortunately divorce and separation are all too common a reason we might hear from a new client.

Meet Ann, who has owned her home outright for 2 decades but now needs to raise some money to payout her departing spouse. Ann is still working part time – but within 15 years of retirement age, she felt no one would consider her for the loan she needed to save her home.


Unusual Income Has An Unusual Result

Policy choices

Yolanda is a single mum buying property after separating from her ex-husband. She has a solid job managing a retail store – which has some quirky shift allowances and penalties for working weekends and odd hours. She is a huge fan of ING; with whom she had banked for many years, so of course this was her first choice. She spoke to the team at ING who gently advised that she wouldn’t qualify for the loan she needed with them because of their policy around her income – and recommended she call a broker.


Imagine signing a mortgage - blind

Proud career moment helping wonderful people

Having varied abilities is challenge enough, imagine signing a mortgage - blind.

We first met our lovely couple when Georgie called to really explore our services and how they would work for her. She really wanted to buy her first home – but her husband was reluctant, one might say risk averse, and this seems like a big risk to him.


Setting a plan - and achieving it

A helpful target

First home buyers hold a special place in our hearts….

Imagine a first home buyer couple; good people, clever, working hard in good jobs – but they have a few things to pay off, cars, HECS…and at the same time they know they want to work towards buying their first home.


Unusual income sources and... bad timing!

How we found a solution for a client with income types lenders don't love

How cool to be able to help when it is needed most:


Making big life decisions can be hard

Using numbers to find an answer

Sometimes the question is emotionally charged; do we keep or sell? Can we afford it? How do we go about it? Which is the best option.


Tiny LMI bill for a first home buyer borrowing 95%

How a unique policy really worked for a first home buyer

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