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Are you a woman who wants to get into the property market - or grow your portfolio? We'd love to help.

We support solo independent women buying property - their own homes, their investments, their futures.

I am inordinately proud of the fact that of our business single women account for a little more than 10% of my work and are a growing area.


And solo women outnumber the solo men who are buying property (sitting at around 6%).

Now, it could of course be the type of client that I attract, red shoes and all... but I have been in this industry a long time and it was the same kind of ratio in my past business.


What does this look like?

Some of my longest standing clients are the most impressive women with portfolios of more than 5 properties each; how do they do it? In their particular circumstances they work hard, save well and buy property with high returns. Having large cash deposits helps them get into the next one more quickly.

As well as this, we pickup work where banks let customers down - very recently I had a woman call, she had been declined by her own bank (where she held substantial savings) and we have her approved within week. She's a perfectly great applicant but doesn't fit policy at that lender. Fortunately with 30+ lenders on board we can find her a perfect home.


Bring your property aspirations to us, we’d love to have you join our elite club of solo independent women buying property #SIWBP!


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We compare loans from our panel of over 30 lenders to find the one just for you. Contact us now for a pre-appproval >> 
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