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Quick settlement required

Saving a womans home

Quick settlement required

Unfortunately divorce and separation are all too common a reason we might hear from a new client.

Meet Ann, who has owned her home outright for 2 decades but now needs to raise some money to payout her departing spouse. Ann is still working part time – but within 15 years of retirement age, she felt no one would consider her for the loan she needed to save her home.

Another issue for Ann was time – the agreement with her ex had to be met within 6 weeks or the terms of the agreement were for the home to be sold – she would have to move from the home she had loved, brought her kids up in, and come home to every day for 30 years.

Understanding that time and certainty of approval were key we chose a lender with a quick assessment, we met their policy exactly and we gave them a story to explain why Ann was a good borrower – backed by solid evidence. Within 4 days she had her loan approved and loan documents on email ready to return and come settlement day her home was secured simply and affordably.

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