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Setting a plan - and achieving it

A helpful target

Setting a plan - and achieving it

First home buyers hold a special place in our hearts….

Imagine a first home buyer couple; good people, clever, working hard in good jobs – but they have a few things to pay off, cars, HECS…and at the same time they know they want to work towards buying their first home. Looking for a target they contacted Two Red Shoes to work out how much they could afford to borrow and the deposit they would need. We put together the vital numbers and a plan was formed – move in with mum and dad, pay off the debts, save like crazy! And this is exactly what they did – and now they are building their dream home.

Sometimes its hard to know how near or far you are to your destination without a little guidance – or a target you can work towards. And it’s amazing what you can achieve with a little determination.

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