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Always firm believers that its easier to make your new loan fit your existing good habits, lets work out what these are and which loan is just right for you. Call us now to help 02 9002 0380

How hard is it to change a habit? And what if there is nothing wrong with the habit you already have - then what?

It's a funny thing but with almost 20 years experience in this game we've noticed that almost without exception people fall into (slight variations of) three main banking habits; that is:

  • You either like to have all of your money in separate accounts for specific purposes

  • Or you like all of your money kept out of sight and just your pocket or play money in your everyday account

  • Or you're quite happy to manage all of your money in the one main account.

And depending on the above, we can show you a strategy to make the most of the available loan types. You see, none of this is wrong, and if it is broken - as the saying goes - it doesn't need fixing, but using the right structure can make your life easy and save you money.

I'll give you an example, everyone has been told "you must have an offset account" but for a pocket money banker there may not be a lot of use at all.

Now, we would happily take you through this in person but what we are also finding is that when we don't meet in person you're peering into your phone to watch us scribble on a screen and describe these - and thats not so comfortable, so we decided to record some videos you can watch in more comfort before we have a deeper conversation.


With that said... lets dive in. Which one are you?​


which home loan pic.jpg

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After you've looked at these, you might want to look at the different loan types, so you have an idea of what we are going to talk about...
We compare loans from our panel of over 30 lenders to find the one with the right fit just for you. Contact us now for a pre-appproval >> 
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