Breaking into Broking - a look at Two Red Shoes by MPA magazine.

We've been extremely blessed of late to have had a good run in the media... here's another article about the history of Two Red Shoes and more about what we do - and why we love it!

In this month's Brokerage Insight we meet Rebecca from Two Red Shoes

2012 was a milestone year for Rebecca Jarrett-Dalton. After wrapping up at a previous company, she decided it was time to strike out on her own and establish herself as a solo broker under the banner of Two Red Shoes.

Now spanning the eastern seaboard and parts of South Australia, Two Red Shoes has marked itself out as an impressive mortgage broking success story over the intervening years. The titular shoes – worn to every client meeting – have proven to be a powerful piece of branding, though Jarrett-Dalton notes there are numerous other functions as well.

“It’s a marketing tool, but it’s definitely an icebreaker with clients too,” she says.

Additionally, the specific aim of Two Red Shoes was to aid prospective buyers who hadn’t necessarily received the attention they needed from the broking industry.

There is a perception among the community, says Jarrett-Dalton, that financial providers don’t want to deal with women.

Today, she works to break that perception by providing a friendly face for her clientele. “I sit in front of a lot of women who make a lot of decisions about the family finances, and I wanted to make sure it was a female friendly environment,” says Jarrett-Dalton.

“A lot of my clients are also women in situations involving family separations or divorce, which has traditionally been an underserved market by the industry.”

Breaking into broking

Before entering the world of broking, Jarrett-Dalton had trained and worked in a wide variety of industries. Sales, accounting, journalism, pre-press, production management, payroll… the list goes on. But it was only later that she realised the whole process had been an unorthodox apprenticeship for her present career, equipping her with the tools she needed to start her own small business.