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5 things to avoid this Christmas

  1. Overspending - no one needs more *stuff* and you're only going to have to pay it off. While we are on the subject, avoid going in to debt for Christmas, no Buy Now Pay Laters and credit card blitzes.

  2. That annoying relative, be kind to yourself and just go off the radar

  3. Guilt - eat the damn chocolate it's Christmas

  4. Falling in love with your holiday destination and house hunting, ok this one is a loose guide but make sure you really do love it and it has all the amenities you need.

  5. Buying a home over Christmas - all of the solicitors are shut, yours, theirs and the banks. If you absolutely must take a long cooling off period to get you past the mayhem & please don't dissapear to a foreign land with no access to the documents we will need


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