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What your broker and your PT have in common

As published in the Western Weekender

Am I the only one who feels like an uncoordinated dunce at the gym? And I have private lessons too, so its not even that I am watching a sea of beautiful people going about their business with perfect form and perfect hair. I refuse to look in the mirror when I am exercising because I am quite sure I look seriously stupid.

I’ve been seeing a PT for a while now and while I am definitely learning stuff – man I still feel like aa complete fish out of water. I feel stupid for not knowing how to use the machines or what weights to use where. Don’t even get me started about floor work. It all must be very simple technique from her perspective, but that’s the point isn’t it – she’s the professional and that’s why I come to her.

And the flipside is true too.

I hear it all the time “I don’t understand money stuff & that makes me feel stupid”. There’s no need. It’s not super exciting stuff (to most people) and you don’t do it everyday. And there are professionals who are here to help.

While we can look at our finances and muddle around, same as I can take myself for a run, or grab some weights and have a go – we don’t really know what we’re doing or at least we’re not confident of the result and it will get us somewhere but will it be the very best result for our efforts?

I liken using finance professionals (mortgage broker, financial planner, accountant) to seeing your mechanic, or hair dresser. Sure I can (and sadly often do) colour my hair at home; take the scissors to my fringe, but I know I’m not doing a great job and I‘ll make sure it grows out enough before I pop back in to get a real hair cut.

And you can be absolutely sure I am not servicing my own car.

What you can do is take a proactive approach and get good assistance, like going to the PT.

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