Thinking about property investment? Start with the ending for a clearer path.

Knowing what you want to achieve and why you are investing in property means you can choose better, tastier options that are more likely to achieve your aims.

You might have a very different reason for investing than the next person:

  • Buying where you eventually want to live

  • Buying for capital gain (long or short term)

  • Buying for cashflow

  • Replacing superannuation

  • Helping the kids

  • To accumulate X properties

And probably plenty more.

Understanding what you want out of it helps you decide where to start looking for property and the type of property to buy.

For example, if you yearn to live by the seaside and you can afford to get in now it might make sense to buy (if not the exact property you wish to move to, then at least) in the town or area you wish to end up in, so you have a foot in the door should prices climb disproportionately.