Bridging loans exposed

Two Red Shoes

What a bridging loan does is essentially gives you the finance to buy a new property without your old home being sold, yet. This gives you confidence to know where you are going to move to when you put your home on the market.

Bridging loans of the past were known to be scary beasts with excessive interest rates. Bridging today provides competitive interest rates and features in a facility that makes buying and selling a lot easier.

Most bridging loans will allow you to make minimal repayments on the loan while you’re selling (although I am going to tell you it’s clever to continue to pay as much as you can) because interest is allowed to add to the loan for a particular time frame – usually 6-12m.

The actual loan itself is assessed on the basis of whether or not you are likely to be able to afford the ongoing repayments of the “end loan” the loan you will have once your current home is sold, so you don’t have to qualify for the whole debt with two homes.