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Solo independent women apply here

Talking to my business coach and I mentioned that I have been absolutely flat out busy – as always we drill down into where the business is coming from, what’s working and what isn’t working - and he drew an interesting line between this and a recent facebook post I had made.

(Shout out to Daniel Tolson of the Tolson Institute – proud to plug the best)

The areas I have been seeing additional work are:

  • Women separating and buying a new property

  • And other solo women buying property

  • Particularly young women buying their first home

  • Or women investing with multiple properties

Which actually equates to a little more than 10% of my work and is a growing area.

And outnumbers the solo men who are buying property.

And the facebook post – me, just returned from a fancy lunch in my cocktail dress, solo independent womaning pretty hard – shoveling up the dead snake my dogs had killed in my backyard. (Yes I know snakes are protected, and I promise you there is no way would I kill one, I have a snake catcher on speed dial to be sure – my dogs have no such scruples it appears).

I guess when you put it like that it’s not so hard to work out why I can do this work with authority and empathy. In fact my whole team have been in this position, as single women buying property, and as women going through separation, and as wives and mums balancing life.

But why would it be any different?

Just last week I had a woman call, she had been declined by her own bank (where she held substantial savings) and we have her approved this week. She's a perfectly great applicant but doesn't fit policy at that lender.

Disappointing – yes it is, but glad we are here to help. The difference comes in terms of us knowing where you will fit best and the strengths to focus on in telling your story to the lender; as well as the skill & training of our staff. I’ve had clients approach their own bank (again) and been told to come back with a guarantor, and that very same client we have taken to the lender with the right support and focus and had them approved. Unfortunately with high pressure targets and less training the branch staff aren’t always able to give you the attention you deserve, but that is our focus.

But here's the other thing, she could have given up. She could have taken that no and ended there. Thats the thing about strong independent women - they don't give up, they look for options and alternatives. They have tenacity and drive. We love them.

Bring your property aspirations to us, we’d love to have you join our elite club of solo independent women buying property #SIWBP!

And final note... we love when our clients pre-qualify themselves to work with us, sending both a gorgeous pic to prove she doesn't resemble her mug shot - and these great shoes!!

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