Solo independent women apply here

Talking to my business coach and I mentioned that I have been absolutely flat out busy – as always we drill down into where the business is coming from, what’s working and what isn’t working - and he drew an interesting line between this and a recent facebook post I had made.

(Shout out to Daniel Tolson of the Tolson Institute – proud to plug the best)

The areas I have been seeing additional work are:

  • Women separating and buying a new property

  • And other solo women buying property

  • Particularly young women buying their first home

  • Or women investing with multiple properties

Which actually equates to a little more than 10% of my work and is a growing area.

And outnumbers the solo men who are buying property.

And the facebook post – me, just returned from a fancy lunch in my cocktail dress, solo independent womaning pretty hard – shoveling up the dead snake my dogs had killed in my backyard. (Yes I know snakes are protected, and I promise you there is no way would I kill one, I have a snake ca