Will you regret a property purchase in 10 years time?

I have long held the belief that the best way of starting investing is to have an idea of your exit strategy in mind - why is it you want to invest? This will help you determine what you should invest in.

And what I love about numbers is that what might seem a complex decision can often be reduced to simple math and clarity.

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Softening values, easier access to credit and government grants are triggering confidence in new investors, but will conditions be favourable in 10 years? One mortgage broker weighs in on the long-term outlook.

In a conversation with Nest Egg’s sister publication Smart Property Investment, mortgage broker Rebecca Jarrett-Dalton, founder of Two Red Shoes, believes investors looking to purchase in the current market have attractive long-term prospects.

“I rarely find anyone regrets diving into the property market 10 or 20 years later,” said Ms Jarrett-Dalton.

“Certainly there are moments in time people might have the opposite impression. But in the longer term, more people regret not getting property,” she continued.

Where will the value be?

With changing demographics and increased buying power of the younger generations, buyer behaviour is changing, meaning what is and is not popular for owner-occupiers and investors is also evolving. Investors looking to buy and hold should keep a careful eye on what the impact of this is in time.