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Small changes series - 52 Week Money Challenge

It’s a new year – a new decade! Time for new habits, but small changes. We’re starting a series of small changes you can make which will make a huge difference. Like anything huge changes are really hard to make – like changing your diet, but small incremental changes are much easier to achieve little by little. Take what you like, disregard the rest. What works for you works.

First up, you see this one around a lot, lets give it a shot!

Imagine, 52 weeks of the year watching a growing balance. Can you do it? Where will you find the savings? Maybe you could do it for yourself and each of your children – it’s really powerful when you multiply it. Imagine what a difference a seemingly small saving would make if you were adding this to your home loan. Its not new or rocket science but small changes work, lets give it a try – who’s in?

What I suggest is you pop your savings in a separate offset account if you can - ideal if you have multiple offsets against your loan. If not, can you pop them away in redraw and just tick them off on the chart? Effectively then you are saving interest at around 3% pa which is supercharging your savings vs even a high interest bearing account. Don't have a loan - then its a high interest account for you.

We've made you a fridge printable to remind you & we will check back in throughout the year.


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