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Solo women are savvy in property

If you’re female and thinking about going solo in a property purchase, you are in excellent company.

It could be the type of client I attract (although in a previous business that I sold the ratio was the same); I have more single women clients who are buying property solo than single men doing same.

It seems to be the key is saving – the women I work with understand it's not so much about what you earn (although all would have salaries close to $80,000 per annum), it's more about what you keep. They're savvy with their money, building their future is more important than buying 'things', yes even shoes. Travel is perhaps the one exception, these motivated women are living life.

Two Red Shoes support our brilliant women buying property!

These are also not typically risk taking women, they see property as a long term investment and its working.

Many of them start investing while living at home with parents, and their families are happy to help them do this. They're buying savvy investments with large deposits and great returns in locations which are solid long term performers before they buy in more risky hotspot locations - which they look to once their portfolio is established and funding itself.

And there's a key right there, they buy for return & affordability, which often means starting with units in high yield (better rent) areas - couple this with a large deposit and good finance structures & your portfolio becomes self funding very quickly while you continue to save for the next purchase.

On average these women would have 8 or more properties by the age of 30 which is a massive achievement. Even those who have collected fewer homes are doing well with 2-3 being the minimum I see.

An interesting side note, typically these women work in IT or accounting, so there's no doubt they're clever chicks and aren't afraid of numbers, and truly what’s to be afraid of? If this sounds like you then perhaps you're only a step or two away from joining the ranks of savvy solo women investors.

see the article in the Western Weekender here:

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