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Your data and security

As mortgage brokers we are privileged with your trust, and this includes obviously providing us with significant amounts of your personal financial information including your identity documents.

Recent news has highlighted the need for complete transparency by every business about how we store and treat your important information.

Lets start by assuring you that data security is something we treat very seriously. We treat your information in the same manner that we would want our own to be secured, and in fact we are our own clients as well.

We don't keep anything in a physical (paper) form - with the single exception of where we are required by law to retain signatures on mortgage documents until 7 years after your loan has discharged, and these do not identify you in any way. These are kept in a locked filing cabinet and securely destroyed in time.

We use two main systems to store our electronic data.

Data is kept on a g-suite secured server (backed by google) because we figure there is no one better in the world for safety and continuity of data. This is protected by multi factor authentication & our computers and devices are all password secured. If we lost a device it can be swiftly blocked from accessing any data in the cloud & data on the device is similarly inaccessible. Googles security policy can be found here if you'd like to know more.

The second main system we use is provided by our aggregator and this is the "conduit" system to access all lenders. Similarly this is protected by multi factor authentication & we can block access in a moment should we need to. Connective have a similarly serious view to protecting your data, their policy is found here.

Internally, all of our staff are bound by the above policies as well as the relevant privacy principles that apply in Australian Law.

Now, to mention *that* case, if you've been impacted by the recent data breaches there are resources available for you to block your credit report, have an alert put in place to advise you of any credit enquiry and also to change your identification details if need be. Please ask us and we will point you in the right direction.

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Protecting your data is an integral part of our business.


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