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A small renovation, like a new kitchen, could cost you as little as $40 a week, or nothing at all if

Most of us are living with at least one home feature that we don’t love – a kitchen, a bathroom, old deck or lack of car accommodation – something we would love to update but assume we can’t afford the renovation.

Would you do it if the cost was as little as $40 a week?

Quite often it’s a simple as this and you’re no longer juggling an overcrowded, broken, or just plain ugly home. I want you to think about it because I’ve been there, a few years ago I did the new kitchen – can I tell you what the difference was for me?

My kitchen was horrendous; I went from a tiny, dingy, dark, timber monstrosity with holes worn through the benchtop; most of which were hidden because the cupboard layout was so poor that there was virtually no storage and everything had to live in the open. The oven door opened across the doorway and the whole thing was foul. Did I enjoy this space or even want to be in there let alone cook? Not a bit.

After the renovation I have a gorgeous white galley kitchen I adore, its efficient & organized, there’s masses of bench and storage & of course those clean sleek modern lines. I love working in it.

My kitchen came as part of a whole renovation so I can’t tell you specifically what the kitchen added in real dollars value, but the whole renovation delivered immeasurable value as an occupant.

Back to that $40 a week for your new kitchen. Where does that come from? If you’re adding $30,000 to the average home loan, that’s roughly all it will add to the weekly repayments. Better yet, if you’ve been in your loan for a little while its probable you can get a better interest rate & the savings might even cover the difference! I see so many of these as a broker where I can actually save you money & you get your beautiful new space too. Just imagine the difference it will make!

Article for the Western Weekender,

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