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Create a goal to motivate you while saving

Did you ever play Bejeweled Blitz? I know… very 2000’s but one thing that stuck with me is the daily 3 star challenge – hit the targets and receive one of the rewards; 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on your final score.

If you didn’t check the required scores in advance – how often did you hit them? You’d often *blitz* away happily but not knowing how close or far you were to the goal you may have missed the final frenzied surge required to smash that target.

Are you seeing the analogy?

If you have a goal, you’re far more likely to achieve it.

Sometimes you need help to set that goal as well – for example, so many first home buyers believe they need 20% deposit to get in the market and this just isn’t true. We’ve met with first home buyers and given them a range of targets – their 1,2 & 3 star goals if you like – and its surprising how often we find they’re already there.

As a final point, when you’re working towards a worthwhile goal it’s amazing what you can go without. If you knew it was only for a short time, say a matter of 12 weeks, what would you be prepared to forgo to achieve your goal?

Financial wellness series with thanks to MFAA


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