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Create a plan & work towards your goals

The next step towards achieving a savings goal is to break it down into chunks – how much can you save each week, fortnight, or month? How long will this take you to achieve your goal – is that timing ok? If not, can you work backwards – divide your goal by the number of paycycles you want to achieve it in & work towards that.

Can you increase that amount by 5%? 10%?

What can you cut to get closer? Lunches out? Coffee? Amazon subscription? Foxtel?

Can you have a garage sale to top up your savings? Cancel the ZipMoney and Afterpay? Ask the boss for a cheeky raise?

I’m inspired by the Peter Thiel quote “what would it take to achieve your 10 year goal in 6 months?” it’s outrageous, outlandish, astounding – and inspiring.

Financial wellness series with thanks to MFAA


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