Budget....is not a dirty word

Knowing your expenses allows you to comfortably take opportunities

How many of us know what it actually costs us to run our lives? Such a simple thing but the answer is often unknown, I am inviting you to have a think about it. Because, at the end of the day, it gives you certainty and there’s comfort in that – and it lets you know what opportunities you can consider taking.

I’ll give you another tip, if your personal loans and credit card balances are growing each year the uncomfortable truth is you are spending more than you earn and you need to stop and get a handle on where the money is going now so you can look at how to turn this around. You’re not alone in this, by the way.

I know ‘budget’ sounds like a dirty word, but, doing a ‘budget’ will allow you to really understand your costs and your ‘negotiables’ (discretionary expenses the stuff that makes life fun, but, can be cut if we need to tighten our belts), and what is left over. Kind of like a business would look at its profit and loss statement, as a guide to how they’re traveling.

So I recommend you do do a budget simply from the point of view of understanding – not because we want to cut to the bone, but so we know.

With that in mind, lets break things down into broad categories: