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What does a broker do?

First up – I have an amazing job that I love and even better it’s a win – win, the better I do for you the better it is for me.

I’m a mortgage broker and I am pretty sure that most of you know what this means – that I find, compare and arrange your new home loan for you. Really my job only starts here.

Did you know we also negotiate for additional discounts with most lenders & lean on the relationships we have to get special rates? This could mean saving hundreds of dollars a month over and above the regular rates on offer.

A huge part of my job is assessing lender policies so we don’t submit loans that we believe you wont be approved for, which also protects your credit history. This could mean directing you towards a lender who is more inclined towards your particular employment quirk or looking at multiple valuations for the right fit.

And for this there’s no charge for my service, I’m paid by the lenders and the cost is not added to your loan. You have nothing to lose!

My favourite bit is probably the value that I add through experience, both my own and through the hundreds of loans I write each year – each and every one of which is slightly different to the others. Having been a first home buyer, having built homes, refinanced loans, been an investor, upgraded a home, bought and sold properties, been to auctions and open homes and negotiated privately I have a wealth of my own experience to share.

I love guiding you through the process, whatever it is, and remaining beside you to the end. I can gently guide as you start your investment process. I can detail the steps involved in building. I can explain as many times as you need it, how to buy your first home.

In fact I love this stuff, I love sharing this info & I love your maths – give me your numbers!!

A mortgage broker saves you money

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